Service & Features

The Smart4Health service will offer you various features that allow you to manage and selectively share your personal health data. After the registration process, you are directed to a dashboard giving you an overview of the different features which are called ‘MyHealthview’, ‘Mob.E.Health’, ‘MyTrusted’, ‘MyTime’, ‘MyWork’ and ‘MyScience’. As these features are part of the development process, they will be added, changed and refined over time by including feedback from users and engagements with them.


Share your health record with your loved ones or the diagnosis of the specialist with your general practitioner. If it is your mother who is in need of care or your husband who just had a surgery. Once they grant access to their records you can trace the decisions of their doctor or the development of their health status. You can simply share your health record with your trusted ones while maintaining full control on what they can access and for how long, no matter if it is a patient summary with a doctor in an emergency, a prescription for your pharmaceutical or full access for your spouse.


This function enables you to share any of your health data with people you trust. You decide which data and information you want to share with whom, e.g. health care professionals, or family members. The function also provides transparency on the activity stream, by showing who has had access to which data.


Here you can view and manage all your personal health records such as medication plans, patient summaries, diagnostic reports and images. The function allows you to easily find all the information you need, by being able to filter, tag, and selectively display information.


With these functions you will have the possibility to collect, store and track your self-generated health-related data from apps and wearables (e.g. health apps, fitness tracker, etc.) as well as data, which you might collect in your work place context (e.g. wristband, step counter, etc.).


With this function you can pre-define a set of key information (such as medication, allergies, etc.), which is translated into different languages to share it in unplanned situations with anyone who needs a quick understanding of your health status. You can change the content and access rights to this key information at any time.


This function gives the possibility of providing your health data for research and scientific purposes after you complete a separate consent. Therein, you can select the purpose for your data provision, decide if you want to provide your full data or just selected parts, and if you want to be re-contacted for research results on a general level. Consenting to data provision also includes the option of revoking consent.