Research Activities

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We are still working on the details.

This site will be updated before researchers can apply for access to research data.

Further information

Download the MyScience App

You can download the MyScience App here. With it you can provide your health data from the Smart4Health platform in anonymised or pseudonymised form to the Smart4Health Research Platform.

Data Access Conditions

The so-called Smart4Health Data Access Committee is responsible for granting (or denying) external requestors (researchers) access to data. The decision is based on your consent, the Smart4Health Data Sharing Policy, and an ethics approval of the research project obtained and presented by the researcher.

Learn More about data provision

Before downloading the MyScience App, you can inform yourself on the MyScience App and the steps needed to provide your health data to research.

After downloading and starting the MyScience App, you will be guided through an informed consent process explaining all details.

Researchers' access

Learn about the Smart4Health Research Platform and how to get data access.