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The MyScience Application (“MyScience App”) is part of the EU-funded Smart4Health project. With the MyScience App, you can choose to provide your health data for health research.

Research insights that are gained from using your health data may substantially contribute to the goals of health research. In the following explanation, we use the term “health research” to mean all “health, medical, and biomedical research”, that aims to improve the health of citizens in everyday life, the treatment and prevention of disease by health professionals, and the understanding of disease mechanisms.

  1. Which data is concerned: If you choose to provide your health data that is collected in your Smart4Health account, it is de-identified before it is shared with the Smart4Health research platform – a separate database of the project. De-identified means that any information that could potentially identify you is removed and your name is replaced with a unique code that is kept secure in the MyScience App. You can choose which data you want to provide.
  2. Use of the data: Researchers outside of the project are, after a process of approval, allowed to access the Smart4Health research platform and do their research with your de-identified data. Your health data will not leave the Smart4Health research platform without your permission. You may also make decisions related to the automatic provision of future data, and for which reasons, if at all, you want to be contacted by a research team.
  3. Which kind of research will be carried out: Using your health data for research means that:
    • researchers can access the de-identified data you decided to provide to the Smart4Health research platform, combine it with data provided by other users, and analyse it together to find answers to research questions;
    • the results of these analyses are shared and discussed with other researchers and made accessible to the public.
  4. Why can I be contacted: If you provide your data for research, you may choose to be contacted by us regarding:
    1. general updates to the research platform,
    2. general information based on the data you provided for research, and
    3. invitations for participation in research studies taking place outside of the Smart4Health project.

    Providing your health data for research is voluntary. If you do not wish to provide data for research, or wish to withdraw your consent later, it will not affect the medical care you receive or your ability to use your Smart4Health account and its services.

    After downloading and starting the MyScience App, you will be guided through an informed consent process. There, please read about the Smart4Health research platform and MyScience App for details around the intended health research, your health data, and the entire process and considerations related to providing your data to research:

    Following the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), every collection of personal data needs to clearly communicate who is the data controller that determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data, and who is the data processor that processes personal data on behalf of the controller. The data controller of the Smart4Health research platform is the Hasso-Plattner-Institut für Digital engineering gGmbH (HPI) and the data processor is the not-for-profit company D4L data4life gGmbH (D4L), both of which are located in Potsdam, Germany, and are members of the Smart4Health project consortium.

    If you do not fully agree with the nature of data use that we describe, or if we have not fully answered your questions, you should not give your consent.


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    Before downloading, you can inform youself on the MyScience App and the steps needed to provide your health data to research.

    After downloading and starting the MyScience App, you will be guided through an informed consent process explaining all details.


    To download and install on Android devices follow these steps:

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    1 - Open browser

    Open your browser on your Android device.

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    2 - Download file

    Into the browser type the link provided below or simply click on the button. You are forwarded to a page where you can download the file.

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    3 - Execute file

    After the file is downloaded, open Downloads and tap on the file.

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    4 - Confirm installation

    Tap Yes when prompted to confirm that you trust the source of the file.

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    What is APK?

    APK is short for Android Package Kit (APK). This is a package file format used by Android OS to distribute and install mobile apps. You might be familiar with the .exe file used in Windows to install the software. In the similar fashion, Android phones use APK files to install applications.

    Why is the app not in the Google Play Store?

    In most cases, apps are only released in the app stores after a certain period of time. This means that users have to wait until the app can officially be downloaded, e.g., in the Google Play Store. To solve this problem we provide the APK file directly.