Accès des chercheurs

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Steps to access and work with the data

1. Register

Register to the Smart4Health Research platform with your institutional Email-address to get access to the dashboard.

2. View Meta Data

On the dashboard, you can query the metadata and available cohorts.

3. Apply for access

You need to fill the Data Access Request with required information. For Access conditions read here. Among others, you need to be resident in the EU and provide a positive ethics votum of your home institution.
You will receive a confirmation e-mail with expected processing time.

4. Wait for approval of your application

Our Data Access Committee reviews your application request following the Data Sharing Policy and the Research Consent. The Committee informs you on its decision regarding your access (accept or deny) or might request additional information. At approval, it defines what subset of data and what conditions apply to your request.

5. Sign the Data Access Agreement

Also, you and your institution need to read and sign the  Data Access Agreement. This can be done while waiting on the approval, but does not influence the decision of the Committee.

6. Work with the data

Right after approval, you get access to the data and the ready-to-use interactive computing environment on the Smart4Health Research Platform. You can immediatly start using Jupyter Notebooks, which enable the usage of the Python language. A Python-based query interface is provided which makes it possible to build analysis-ready cohorts directly from within the Jupyter notebook.

Data Access Conditions

The so-called Smart4Health Data Access Committee is responsible for granting (or denying) external requestors (researchers) access to data. The decision is based on your consent, the Smart4Health Data Sharing Policy, and an ethics approval of the research project obtained and presented by the researcher.

Further information

Learn More about data provision

Before downloading the MyScience App, you can inform yourself on the MyScience App and the steps needed to provide your health data to research.

After downloading and starting the MyScience App, you will be guided through an informed consent process explaining all details.

Research activities

On this page, you will learn about research activities based on the data in the Smart4Health research platform. 

Download the MyScience App

You can download the MyScience App here. With it you can provide your health data from the Smart4Health platform in anonymised or pseudonymised form to the Smart4Health Research Platform.