Manuel des thérapeutes (accès libre)

Nous avons publié un manuel des thérapeutes pour le libre accès. Il assiste les thérapeutes dans l’ensemble du processus de traitement/prévention sur la machine d’extension Lumbar MedX dans le cadre du projet Smart4Health. Ici, les thérapeutes trouvent des détails sur...

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Innovative product/service for personalized health management

Smart4Health project is a European project aiming to empower citizens with electronic health(care) record exchange, personal connected health services, and the ability of data donorship to the scientific community. The Smart4Health platform will enable citizens to...

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Sensor network integration for a medical device using CDG

The weakness of the deep layer of lumbar or cervical spine muscles (so-called multifidus muscles) is among the most common causes for backpain. Frequent testing and measurements over a 20 years period of time showed a common weakness of this particular muscle group in...

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