The management of the public health system of Autonomous Region of Madeira is under the purview of the Regional Secretariat for Health and Civil Protection (SRS).
The SRS encompasses the Regional Civil Protection Service (SRPC), the Institute of Health Administration (IASAUDE) and the Health Service of Madeira (SESARAM).

SESARAM, EPERAM, headquartered in Funchal, is a legal entity governed by public law, with business nature, endowed with administrative, financial and patrimonial autonomy.

Serving more than 260.000 inhabitants and tourists, SESARAM is currently organized around 3 hospitals and 47 public health care facilities.

Until 2003, the set of primary health units were under a different umbrella from the hospitals. There were 2 organizations with 2 different IT systems. In the 27th of May of 2003, SESARAM was formally established. From that day on, an interoperability process was initiated coming to a point of full integration of these systems and now all public healthcare units in Madeira Islands share a unique and innovative health information system, known as SEIS-RAM, an acronym to Eletronic Health Information System of Madeira, where each person has an unique electronic health record (EHR), with all the medical records and structured social clinical data included. Up to this date, SESARAM counts 599.804 EHR’s and 57,4 million Clinical Care Episodes.

To increase the efficiency of the health care service in Madeira Islands, the SRPC recently developed a new IT system, called REM RAM (Medical Emergency Records of the Autonomous Region of Madeira) to register pre-hospital emergency. The interoperability between SEIS-RAM and REM RAM allows care providers in the Emergency room at the Hospital or Primary Care Unit to quickly obtain all the information necessary to continue providing care after the pre-hospital intervention occurs.

In April 2020, during the pandemic, an innovative and single covid dashboard was also developed to monitor the covid positive cases, vaccination progress and its adverse reactions. To guarantee important synergies, reliable and useful up-to-date information to all stakeholders (society, health organizations and healthcare professionals), interoperability with Modulab, API of Google Maps (georeferencing of positive cases), NOS (SMS notifications of test results to patients) and INFARMED Drug Adverse Reactions Portal was accomplished.

Currently there are 6 innovative projects undergoing with SEIS-RAM, namely: the Guardian (which automatically guarantees vital signs and data from Phillip’s IntelliVue Guardian System to patient EHR); the implementation of an unique Electronic Health Registry, gathering all clinical information from each citizen, from private and public sector, allowing the share when needed and increased collaborative ties; real time sharing of fundamental public medical equipment; ICU4COVID (H2020 GA 101016000); SMARTBEAR (H2020 GA 852172) and SMART4HEALTH (H2020 GA 826117).