Laboratoire Virtuel Européen (I-VLAB)

Laboratoire Virtuel Européen (I-VLAB) 

The European Virtual Laboratory for Enterprise Interoperability (I-VLab) is a Belgian International non-profit Association created in 2007 bringing together 25 partners (leading research centers, industrial stakeholders and SMEs representing more than one hundred engineers and researchers) organized in 5 regional poles over 11 European countries.

I-VLab is combining research and innovation to support industrial enterprise and health organisations with offering methodologies supported by software:

  • to design and to implement Industrie 4.0 solutions,
  • to elaborate and implement performance indicators,
  • to develop interoperability applications.

I-VLab proposes also an appropriate framework for long-term cooperation and mobility through the sustainable existing network of partners and by its strategy of development in Europe and China.
I-VLab is contributing in Smart4health project in:

  • Citizen/user co-creation: user requirements, performance criteria, implementation, use design cases to be elaborated through the iterative co-creation process, validation and assessment
  • Interoperability and integration support to use cases
  • Communication and visibility, dissemination plan and activities by the organisation of workshops
    Exploitation plan