Visit of The Netherlands and Portuguese Prime Ministers to Smart4Health Laboratory at UNINOVA

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On the 3rd of April 2019 the Prime Minister of The Netherlands (Mark Rutte) and the Prime Minister of Portugal (António Costa) visited the UNINOVA’s Hub for Digital Health and Social Inclusion with Smart4Health in the main topic of the agenda. It was a great honour to have Smart4Health project acknowledged by the two Prime Ministers for this visit, recognized as a reference project for research and innovation in Europe.

This reinforces the strategic international position of Smart4Health with comprehensive impact at different levels across Europe, including policy. During the visit, both Prime ministers had the opportunity to discuss with the project team their stimulating views on the ongoing collaborations between the two countries, challenged to strength these connections at European extent via the existing European funding schemes.

At the end of the visit, both Prime ministers agreed to state the relevance of Smart4Health project for the development and wellbeing of the European Society, with direct impact in the growth of it Economy and Social Inclusion.

The visit was fully covered by the Portuguese and Dutch television and press, that included 3 major moments: The coordinator of project, Ricardo Jardim-Goncalves – UNINOVA, presented a showcase of the Smart4Health concept and objectives, the Citizen Use Cases and the expected impact in the European society. An explanation of the partnership with the Maastricht UMC+ was presented by Paul Kwant and An Stevens (from Maastricht UMC+). A demonstration by Ruben Costa, from KnowledgeBiz, on their sensor technology developments already integrated with a front end developed by UNINOVA. Exciting interactions between the project team and the Prime Ministers happened along the visit.

The visit was communicated in the Smart4Health social networks (Twitter – @4healthEU, Facebook – @4healthEU and Linkedin – smart4health),

Furthermore, the visit was divulged in national television news at prime time, please see a short snapshot with the footage of the visit here.