Health Day, 25th-27th October 2022, Madeira

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The 10th Smart4Health Health Day took place in Funchal Madeira between 25 and 27 October 2022. The Health Day was integrated into the “Digital Transformation Summit”, an event that counted on the strong support of the regional government and authorities of tourism and health.

During these days, digital transformation topics in the health sector were discussed in depth and the challenges in the potential of digital transformation were considered, with strategies to establish solutions towards the definition of a concrete path for digital transformation being examined. A diverse group of participants, local, national and international, from a wide range of sectors (public services, private entities, HCPs, nurses, academics, SMEs) attended the summit, making this one of the most comprehensive Smart4Health Days held under the scope of the Smart4Health project. The summit participants were also able to experience the different digital technologies aimed at promoting digital health and wellbeing developed in the context of the Smart4Health project.