Casi d’uso di cittadini

The Smart4Health platform is developed along citizen use cases (CUCs) to feedback to platform development, to assess implemented functionalities and feed into validation. The CUCs shall connect real life setting examples of enabled citizens that manage, collect, access and share own health and healthcare data.

High prevalence health issues shall be addressed with high relevance and societal and economic implications. Full range of citizens are concerned at different age and across society, MS and languages. The CUCs shall comprise hospital and care, at work and at the workplace, travelling and in daily life. The stages of diagnostics, treatment, prevention, occupational health and practical involvement of the workforce shall be addressed. All use cases are performed using the 4HealthPlatform (4HP) and services.

US EHR+ best practice infrastructure and research database

We use a “best practice” US EHR system framework to inform the data infrastructure that supports the Smart4Health.

Smart4Health and cross-border EHR exchange

We provide citizens the opportunity to upload their local EHR data into the 4HealthPlatform.

Smart4Health in therapy

We provide a specific training to patients to strengthen the lower back muscles to treat back pain.

Smart4Health at workplace

We provide a specific training to employees to strengthen the lower back muscles to prevent injuries.

Smart4Health at daily life and at workplace

We provide a specific training to industrial workers to strengthen the lower back muscles and prevent injuries.

Smart4Health in daily life and working in community care

Staff will be enabled to use smart wearable devices that monitor their back health and wellbeing while executing their caregiving duties and in their private lives.

Smart4Health at daily work in the hospital

We want to reduce and prevent lower back pain among ICU nurses.

Smart4Health at travel and at daily life

We provide participants the possibility to check their back health, and when feasible, the option to participate in a low back pain training programme for back pain prevention.