Innovative product/service for personalized health management

Smart4Health project is a European project aiming to empower citizens with electronic health(care) record exchange, personal connected health services, and the ability of data donorship to the scientific community. The Smart4Health platform will enable citizens to manage, collect, store, access and share own health and healthcare data, at international level, through an easy-to-use, secure, constantly accessible and portable health data and services prototype within the EU and beyond. This shall also comprise self-quantified and citizengenerated data through IoT and wearables (e.g. smart watches, smart devices/textiles/shoes). Therefore, the citizen will not only be able to access data produced in the context of health systems, but become important contributor of health data more generally speaking. The information to be collected will feed the Smart4Health platform (4HealthPlatform – 4HP), enabling the Smart4Health user portal (4HealthNavigator – 4HN) services and applications to provide advanced personalised health services accessible whenever and wherever. In this paper we explore the work being developed for data integration coming from different smart devices aiming at enriching the citizen health and personal data as well as providing insight about citizen behaviour and support on how to modify/adapt postures and habits that may contribute for better health and wellbeing. Please find details and the report here.